Welcome to the heart of our operation, where passion meets expertise, and collaboration sparks innovation! Get ready to connect with the incredible minds behind Welfix. Our team is a diverse blend of talents, united by a shared commitment to excellence and a dash of good humor. Scroll down to put faces to the names and discover the personalities driving our success.


Andy "The Numbers Maestro"
Lanham, the spreadsheet superhero!
With a calculator as his sidekick, 
Andy isn't just an accountant;
he's a number ninja!

Introducing Brynley "The Summit Seeker" Lynes, the manager extraordinaire with a passion for climbing mountains and integrating teams!  With a passion for mountaineering and a knack for leadership, he scales corporate peaks and navigates team dynamics with ease. Brynley isn't just a manager; he's a peak-performing powerhouse!

Introducing Dan Swann, the delivery dynamo known as "Dan the Man with a Van and a Plan"! From parcels to packages, he's got it covered!

Meet Darren Tinkler, As the newest member of our team, Darren brings a refreshing energy and enthusiasm that invigorates us all. With his dedication to excellence, passion for cycling, and talent for photography, we're excited to see the positive impact he will make in his role and beyond.

Introducing Mike "Hardware Whisperer" Boyes: Sales Advisor extraordinaire! With expert trade knowledge and winning charm, he's your go-to for sourcing hardware. Let's nail that building project together!

Introducing James "Logistics Maestro" Barnard: Warehouse Manager extraordinaire, expert in logistics and stock management. Keeping things moving and shelves stocked like a boss!

Meet Shaun "The Human Forklift" Allen: Company Buyer extraordinaire, eagle-eyed in spotting the best deals. Sniffing out savings like a pro, When he isn’t looking for the best deals he can be found pulling trucks and deadlifting cars.

Meet Terry "The Trade!" Davies: Office Manager extraordinaire.

With a wealth of hands-on experience in the building industry and certified qualifications in Painting & Decorating as well as sales processes, he brings a multifaceted skill set to the table.

Beyond the confines of the office, he is truly in his element, dedicating himself to his own house-build endeavours with unwavering enthusiasm.